Carrera Marble in Bathrooms

This timeless natural stone adds European Elegance with many different and beautiful sizes and formats available

3/4″ Hex tile floor, 4X10 wall tile, solid surface Bench and Niche sill. Pencil liner at niche.
12X24 Carrera Marble floor tile
Storage- marble custom built to fit Ikea boxes
2″ hex floor tile, solid marble curb-cap, 3/4″ hex Shower pan tile, 12X24 wall tile


Here is a shower surround with niches tucked inside the stub wall. We have some beautiful materials to work with on this job. 16 X 32 faux marble wall tile and 2 X 8 custom glazed brick tile backsplash in herringbone pattern. The shower floor will be 1″ hex and main floor is 9″ hex tile. More pics to come when this one is complete.